Our Vision

As the importance of science, mathematics and technology grows in an increasingly global society, schools must prepare students to thrive in a highly complex world.

The Leigh UTC believes that all learners in the 21st century must have a solid background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  With skills and knowledge in these areas, students at the Inspiration Academy will be able to maximise opportunities available through the rapid growth of technological innovations.

Learners of the 21st century must develop a love of learning that will enable them to be self-motivated, lifelong learners, who can adapt easily and quickly to changes.  By providing students with innovative design challenges, they learn naturally to question and solve problems.  Students today not only need to be good problem solvers; they must also have the ability to clarify and condense their thoughts.

Inspiration Academy students will therefore be competent mathematicians and writers, who can research, investigate questions and express themselves confidently as they prepare their next steps into successful career pathways.