SPARK Project at the University of Kent

Last week, year 12 and year 13 students had the opportunity to be taken to the Department of Physical Science at the University of Kent to learn about Astronomy and the search for variable stars and exoplanets.

The day involved a tour of the facilities, a practical demonstration of how to use a telescope and data reduction talks.

A great day was had by all with the academy receiving excellent feedback from the SPARK project organiser Vicky Mason regarding our students.

Dear Mr Leahey,

I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone involved over the past two days a huge thank you to the students and teachers who came along to take part in our SPARK course.

The teachers were all fantastic, enthusiastic and encouraging, and very friendly.

The students were an absolute credit to the school, we really did put them through a tough two days, with huge amounts of information over long days and they really behaved fantastically with enthusiasm and respect, even during the long lectures.

The experience and feedback have been invaluable for us to move forward and I do hope that we could work together again to strengthen links between the University and Academy.

Many thanks for your hard work. 

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STEM at Work

Yesterday 12 year 8 students were lucky to attend Canterbury Christ Church University campus for the STEM at work day. It was a very exciting day for the students who had the opportunity to taste of numerous potential career opportunities in STEM based subjects.

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LEGO League Tournament

On Wednesday 5th December 2018 students from across the IA and UTC joined schools from across Kent to compete in the FIRST LEGO Challenge Tournament. The students collaborated on a number of engineering issues linked to the theme of space. These included construction challenges and robotic programming as well delivering presentations and solving problems faced by astronauts living in space. Our students were perfect ambassadors of the school and performed well despite being relatively newcomers to the tournament. All involved received medals for their performance as well as certificates that will be presented in the coming assemblies. Our KS4 and KS5 students received plaudits from the organisers and main sponsors (BCS – The Chartered Institute of IT) for guiding and supporting the lower school students – even finding time to network with the Higher Education lecturers attending the event! 



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f competing with other schools. #UTC #LEGO

Army STEM Challenge Trip Nov 22nd

On Thursday 22 November 17 Y13 Students took part in an engineering STEM event hosted by the Royal Engineers at  Brompton Barracks, Chatham, Kent.

The event was part of the Year of Engineering 2018 which is a national campaign to increase awareness and understanding of what engineers do among young people aged 17-24. The Army is keen to Inspire, Attract and Inform young people about the technical and engineering skills utilised on a day-to-day basis across the Army.

300 young people between the ages of 14 – 18 had the opportunity to come and see why STEM skills are so important to a modern Army. Specialist technical teams were on hand to explain, demonstrate and allow students to try various military technical equipment. Lots of hands-on time and the chance to see some of the latest military equipment in action.

The activities included: model bridge building challenge, have a go at Army building trades, climbing into a full size tank and the chance to use specialist military equipment.

UTC students were constantly praised for how well they interacted with the activity providers and asking and answering high level technical questions. On several occasions they were told that they had been the best group at the event so far. (We were on the last day!)

In the Bridge building activities students were told that they had never seen a group with such good team working skills in all the years that they had run the event.

It was a great day for students who really enjoyed the activities. Some of whom said that they seriously are considering a career in the Army.

Children in Need 2018

Well done to students and staff, with final donations being counted we are pleased to say we have raised a total of £54.55. The money was raised by students across The Leigh UTC and Inspiration academy, who organised a wonderful cake sale to raise money in support of children in need. #ChildrenInNeed2018 BBC Children in Need.



Remembrance Assembly

Throughout this week students in the Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy have been paying their respects to Service men and Women who served their countries throughout part and present world wars by creating poppies with messages of thanks and remembrance along with poems and letters of thanks.

Today the Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy held its service of Remembrance to make the end of the first World War. All students and staff across the Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy took part in the service and 2 minute silence along with special guests Clive Barker, Vice Chair of Governors and World War two veterans Bill Gladden Airborne Recognisance Reg. Ted Pieri Royal Army Service Corps AB and Frank Pendergast Parachute Regiment. Students Callum Leahey Y13, Charlie Parker Y13, Robbie White, Hannah Stonehouse Y11, Joseph Simmonds Y8, Jessica Uwadiae Y8 and Patricia Antunes Y8 were all wonderful ambassadors by taking part in readings of poetry, laying of the wreaths and reading the Exhortation in the service on behalf of the student body.

At the end of the service students were able to ask our guests questions about what it was like to be a Paratrooper regiment and to serve for our country. We would like to thank them for taking part in our very special ceremony.

poppy this pic IMG_4242 PHOTO-2018-11-09-12-51-11 (1)

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2020-21 Intake

Kent County Council is consulting on proposed changes to admissions arrangements for all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools for intake in September 2018. The proposal is to provide priority to children adopted from outside of England, in line with Nick Gibb’s request in November 2017. (attached)

Schools are asked to respond to this consultation to let us know what you think of the proposed changes. We would be grateful if you could also draw this consultation to the attention of all parent with children in your schools. Where possible, please include a notice in your school newsletter/notice board or include a note in each child’s book bag. This will help ensure that the consultation reaches as wide an audience as possible. The LA will be consulting on our website and will make a public notice available in local papers.

The consultation of the proposed changes will run until 10 December 2018. The consultation documents can be found and responses can be submitted via the questionnaire here. If paper copies are required, respondents should contact 03000 41 21 21 and ask to speak to the school admissions department. Parents will also be able to find consultations from any other own admission authority school at

 Responses will be collated and presented to Kent County Council’s Cabinet for a determination. Once determined the final admission arrangements will be placed on Kent’s website at

If you have any queries, please contact


Blast off as Space Week hits the Leigh UTC

Blast off as Space Week hits the Leigh UTC..
This week students from across the Leigh UTC have been celebrating World Space week by students working on a wide range of STEAM space related activities in tutor time, launching the start of the First Lego league

‘Into Orbit’ challenge, with and Mr Van Heerden and fantastic assemblies with our Director of Learning for Science Mr Osborne. We also had a visit from STEM ambassador, Marino, from the European Space Agency who presented  to the students about careers in Space.