Design and Technology

Students at the Inspirational Academy will study a range of Design & Technology and Engineering topics, such as Electronics, Product Design, CAD CAM, Engineering, Art and Food Science.
Students will follow a National Curriculum but with a focus in practical project style learning, which will aim to improve students’ application of skills in each subject area. We feel this will give them the best preparation for their studies at GCSE/L2. The Inspirational Academy has close working relationships with local company sponsors and so projects will relate to real life briefs set by these companies, allowing for visiting speakers and trips to local companies to take place. Giving students the right technical skills is one of the most important requirements that employers have commended us for giving our older students, many of whom have gained apprenticeships and employment purely on these skills demonstrated to companies when they have had work experience. We also recognize that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts. Art education allows students to learn things in a more open ended way and make them applicable to real life. Arts and creativity are crucial to the sciences, technology and computer science. This will give students a wider experience of Design & Technology and Engineering seeing how it all works in industry. We will be linking with computer science to develop some joint projects such as virtual reality.
We will attempt to prepare students as the next generation of Designers, Technologists and Engineers using our state of the art facilities in a purpose built building. Each subject area will have a dedicated room enabling greater use of specialist equipment including access to modern technologies.