English at the Inspiration Academy and the Leigh UTC will follow the National Curriculum in our own project based learning style, encouraging creativity, collaboration and independence.

Students will study the UTC’s ‘big ideas’ through innovative and engaging lessons, developing their communication skills, across speaking and listening, reading and writing. Through reading in particular, students will have the opportunities to develop culturally, intellectually, spiritually and socially. Students will then be able to apply these skills to cross-curricular mini projects, investigating the role that communication plays across all facets of society.

Students will be enrolled on a reading-programme which allows them to read a wide variety of books, promoting independent choice. In lessons, students will read a range of challenging texts across the key stage, including classic authors such as Shakespeare and Chaucer and modern authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Anthony Horowitz and Malorie Blackman.

English will play vital a role in all subjects at KS3. For example when, in science, students are evaluating the risks of testing vaccines, in English they will be learning how to collect facts from a range of sources and use these to form a critical opinion, shared through writing and spoken language. Students will be challenged and inspired to become independent thinkers and collaborators through an enriching English curriculum.