At Key Stage 3 students will follow an Integrated Humanities course which uses a variety of projects to develop the students understanding and exploring the interrelationship between history, geography, religious studies, citizenship and PSHE.

A subject that allows students to analyse topics from multiple angles across the Humanities subject specialist areas. To foster the idea that students are global citizens and have both rights and responsibilities within our Academy, local community and beyond. Students are equipped with the skills to not only succeed in each humanities subject specialisms, but across all areas of the curriculum and life beyond the Inspiration Academy.

Throughout key stage 3 emphasis is placed on developing student’s skills, both in terms of their subject specific skills, but also their oral and written communication. Humanities promotes spiritual, moral and social cultural development giving students self confidence and enabling them to play an active part in the life of the Academy, community and wider world. It prepares students for adult life and employment.
Through enquiry, students research evidence, collect data and information, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. Students access a wide range of learning resources with ICT playing an ever increasing role as a source of evidence and a means of predicting results.

The intention is for students to understand themselves as learners but also to equip them with fundamental skills of independent enquiry, questioning, teamwork, self-awareness and pride in learning. This will allow them to not only succeed throughout their time at the Inspiration Academy but also within their long term career pathway.