Science at the Inspiration Academy and the Leigh UTC will follow the National Curriculum in our own project based learning style, encouraging Responsible Research and Innovation.

Students will study the ‘big ideas’ through investigative lessons, developing their practical Scientific, and cross curricular skills, alongside their knowledge and understanding. They will then apply this understanding to cross curricular mini projects, investigating issues that face the Scientific world today.

For example, as part of the ‘Cells’ big idea, pupils at the Inspiration Academy will learn about different types of cells and their functions, including microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. They will develop microbiology techniques, normally reserved for GCSE and A-level classes. They will then carry out a mini project about the Zika Virus, using the the knowledge and skills that they have gained, to evaluate the risks of testing vaccines.

Examples of other mini projects include, amongst others:

Eco-phone (energy efficient smart phones)
Exterminate (eradication mosquito borne diseases)
To Frack or Not (balancing the need for fuels with environmental and social issues)
Man or Machine (using forces to design an olympic racing bike)
Big Bag Ban (investigating alternatives to non-biodegradable bags)