Research and Development Programme

The Research and Development Programme (R&D) will be a key element of the curriculum for every student at the Inspiration Academy, giving them the opportunity to keep their learning broad and balanced.  The programme will enable students to understand the inter-relationships between the various STEM subjects, together with core literacy skills, and their value and applicability in real-life business settings.

Development through this programme will enable all students to be well prepared to access the programmes of study at Key Stage 4 and Post 16 at The Leigh UTC.  It will provide students with the opportunity to work directly with businesses and universities when undertaking projects as a diverse range of co-educators (UTC staff, business mentors, university partners and UTC students) will be engaged in delivering these sessions.

As part of our R&D offer, business and university partners want students to raise their cultural and scientific awareness through organised excursions and outings.

Business partners supporting our extension offer through research and development want students to raise their IT awareness through vendor programmes and qualifications utilising Microsoft, Cisco, AutoCad and Adobe.