Student Q&A

This is what two current Year 10 students had to say about studying at The Leigh UTC…..

What attracted you to joining The Leigh UTC?

BP: I was ‘hooked’ straight away on the open day: the engineering facilities are great and I like the feel of the school.

MS: The location of the UTC makes it easy for me to get to.  I also like the amount of support I receive from staff as it makes a big difference to me.


What aspects of our UTC do you enjoy the most?

BP: I really, really enjoy the engineering and the chance to work on projects I never had the chance to do previously.

MS: Definitely the engineering.  My old school did not have any facilities to compare with here at the UTC, being able to make high-quality projects.


Where do you see yourself in two, five and ten years?

BP: In two years’ time I would like to be completing my A Levels here at the UTC.  In five years’ time I want to be at University studying engineering and in ten years’ time I would like to have my own business specialising in engineering.

MS: In two years’ time I want to be completing my Post 16 at the UTC.  In five years’ time I would like to have a place at Sandhurst Military University.  In then years’ time I can see myself as a high-ranking officer in the military.